Roastado is one of the most prominent importers and distributors of internationally - acknowledged high quality espresso machines, imported from the USA and Europe.

The Best Coffee Beans
That Are Carefully Selected

Roastado is a local, independent and specialized coffee roaster, where coffee is bought directly from the best farms around the world. We select only the highest quality coffee beans and pay the utmost attention throughout the entire process; from planting and growing to harvest then roasting, and finally to making into the exquisite cup of coffee you enjoy.

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Our Responsibility

Roastado began with the passion of our Qatari coffee aficionados and fueled by the blockade against Qatar halting the importation of coffee from regular source countries.

Our Uniqueness

We give our business customers the freedom to choose the desired source and roasting of their coffee beans, enabling them to start and build a successful coffee business by creating a unique brand and taste.

Our Mission, Vission

We aspire to build a coffee connoisseur society in a continuously progressing country like Qatar, and shed the light on the simple pleasure of enjoying a unique cup of coffee.


Arrange what will suit your coffee cart, shop or restaurant.